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5 Tips For Scheduling Beautiful Maternity Photos in Fairfax County

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Time to schedule your maternity photos in Fairfax County. I know you must be incredibly excited! I remember what that was like, even though it was back in 2014! When you get pregnant, there is a laundry list of things to do and plan, and it can be incredibly overwhelming. But take a breath and you can get through this without ripping your hair out. As a Northern Virginia maternity photographer, I hope this blog will be a resource for you during your journey to lift some of your stress.


But on to the point of this particular blog. As a Fairfax County maternity photographer, your maternity session is obviously important to me, and I want to help you make some decisions in regards to time frame. So let’s get to it!


When should I schedule my maternity photos in Fairfax County?

Opinions on this vary somewhat, but when it comes to my own experience and opinion, I recommend that you have your maternity session scheduled between 28-34 weeks. This gives your bump time to grow, but you will also get the session done early enough to avoid any late pregnancy uncomfortableness as well as the potential for early labor. I also recommend scheduling your session as soon as possible for that time period. This ensures that you get your spot secured on my calendar before anyone else. I’m a one woman show so I only have so much availability. If you really want to plan ahead, book your session early in the second trimester.


What if I’m having twins?

If you’re expecting twins, I would definitely recommend scheduling your session no later than 32 weeks. Since twins can be prone to deliver early, you’ll want to make absolutely certain that your maternity session is scheduled early enough to avoid any issues. Reach out as soon as you can so we can discuss your timeline.


I want to schedule my session sooner rather than later.

That is totally fine. As long as I’m available, we can definitely discuss having your maternity photos in Fairfax County done earlier. If your belly is growing and you feel like it will be prominent enough for your liking in the photos sooner than 28 weeks, that is absolutely a personal choice you can make. They are ultimately your photos, and I want you to be happy with them.


What if I want announcement or gender reveal photos?

Yay, fun! Announcement photos are definitely a little bit of a different ball game, but we can definitely make it happen. Just reach out, and we will plan the details. Since gender reveal photos would likely be closer towards the middle of your pregnancy, there’s definitely the option to have your maternity session then. I know sometimes the seasons play a factor in when you want to schedule your maternity photos in Fairfax County so a well timed gender reveal could be your maternity session. Or you of course have the option to have any combination of the above sessions: announcement, gender reveal, and official maternity session.


Speaking of seasons, what if I’m pregnant during an awfully hot or cold time of year?

Like I mentioned before, while maternity photos in Fairfax County are necessary to time properly, you do have some wiggle room. Since, for the time being, I’m only able to do outdoor sessions, I’m more than happy to work with you to make your maternity session as comfortable as I possibly can, whether that’s pushing your session earlier or maybe just a smidge later in your pregnancy, or making sure that you have an appropriate amount of coverage to keep you warm in the winter. There are ways for us to make it happen, and I am constantly stalking the weather.



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