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An FAQ Interview with Thrive Breastfeeding for Moms-to-Be

If you are looking for one of the best lactation consultants in Northern Virginia, keep reading! I had the chance to connect with Amy Tanzilla from Thrive Breastfeeding to find out more about her business and what moms-to-be can expect! Take a peek at the interview below!


Interview with Amy Tanzillo from Thrive Breastfeeding

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What inspired you to start Thrive Breastfeeding?

After having three kids in 39 months, babies & breastfeeding were my thing. I started the IBCLC certification process shortly after I had my third child. Certification requirements are grueling – courses, 500 (mostly unpaid) clinical hours, and passing the board exam. I spent countless weekends at Sibley Memorial Hospital, The Breastfeeding Center, and the INOVA NICU to get hands-on experience helping moms and babies breastfeed.

In 2011, Thrive Breastfeeding was born. I’ve supported well over 1,000 families throughout the DC Metro area.


How do you support mothers in establishing and maintaining a successful breastfeeding relationship with their baby?

The best scenario is when an expecting mom reaches out before the baby arrives. This way we have a support system in place and can head off issues before they become problems.


What are some common challenges that mothers may face when breastfeeding and how do you help them overcome these challenges?

Aside from a low supply or an uncomfortable latch, the lack of a concrete plan is probably what I deal with most of the time. There is so much conflicting advice from family, friends, and social media. Having one designated expert that provides comprehensive support throughout the first few months results in a calm and confident breastfeeding experience. 


How do you educate mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and baby?

In-home, in-person support is the name of the game. We practice latch and positioning during an actual feeding. In between visits, I’m available via a private chat app for 24/7 follow-up support. 


Can you discuss any strategies for increasing milk supply for mothers who are struggling with low milk production?

You must move milk to make milk. Your best combo to increase supply is a well-nursing baby followed by pumping with a hospital-grade pump.


What is your approach to supporting mothers who are breastfeeding multiples or who have had a premature baby?

For a NICU baby, it’s important to support breastfeeding even if you’re baby isn’t able to breastfeed. I help with protecting your supply until your baby can nurse while promoting lots of skin-to-skin!


Can you discuss the importance of proper latch and positioning during breastfeeding, and how do you assist mothers in achieving the best latch?

Because newborn babies feed so frequently, a pain-free latch is crucial for success breastfeeding. You can download my Pain-Free Latch Guide for tips on how to achieve the best latch from my website.


What is your experience with supporting mothers who are returning to work and need to continue breastfeeding?

I recommend starting to stockpile expressed breastmilk in plenty of time to have an adequate stash. Pumping in lieu of nursing can impact your supply so it’s best to have extra milk on hand. Make sure you have a quality breast pump.


What is your best piece of advice for expectant mothers planning to breastfeed their baby?

Forget the Instagram-inspired nursey, the clothes that will go unworn with tags, and the fanciest stroller on the market. Invest in a support team. Use those resources for a lactation consultant, birth and postpartum doulas, domestic help (house cleaners, meals, dog walker), and anything else that will make life easier for you. A supported, less stressed, and more rested mom is a confident and empowered mom. And the entire family benefits!


Can you discuss any additional services or support that you offer to mothers who are breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding?

Client testimonials provide the best insight into having me by your side on your breastfeeding journey.


Thrive Breastfeeding


Thanks so much to Amy for that incredible interview! Be sure to check out Thrive Breastfeeding and take the opportunity to chat with Amy yourself! She is such a great resource for moms-to-be and moms.Since you are reading about Thrive Breastfeeding, I’d love to chat with you about your maternity and newborn photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!


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