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Mamistad | Creating Meaningful Connections Between Moms

Pregnancy can be a time of joy and excitement, but it can also be a time of uncertainty and stress. For many expecting mothers, finding a support system is crucial for navigating the physical, emotional, and practical changes that come with pregnancy. One great way to find that support is by joining a mom group, and that’s where Mamistad can help. Through Mamistad you will find a community of women who are going through the same experience as you, and they can provide a wealth of information, advice, and emotional support. I’ve taken the time to interview Mamistad owner Cynthia Tinajero to find out more about this incredible resource.




What exactly is Mamistad?

Mamistad is a celebration of the journey of first-time pregnant and brand new moms. It was created to help them find their tribe to share it with. The goal is to connect first-time pregnant moms, and  moms of newborns with others whose babies are (or will be) born within the same 3-4 month range. Mamistad empowers its members to face new motherhood with an arsenal of mom friends who know and support them. They go through pregnancy together, welcome their babies together and face countless adventures together as new moms. Many groups go on to share their second pregnancies as well.

After members meet in their groups, they welcome dads and support people to share the experience as a community!  When families have friends to share experiences with, a Mamistad Community is created. Babies are born into loving and happy environments and this benefits ALL OF US!

How did you come up with the idea?

I was inspired to create Mamistad when I was pregnant for the first (and only) time and feeling very alone and isolated. My own precious mom had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Though I’d always dreamed of being a mom, now that I was pregnant, I felt very alone and unprepared to be a mother.  As newlyweds, my husband and I were new to the area and I found it very hard to make new friends, much less pregnant ones.  I needed friends to relate to!

After a lot of time and effort online, I was able to find several other moms who were pregnant with their first baby too. The rest is history. I realized immediately what a gold mine our pregnancy group was for me, and the other moms in my group felt it too. I knew I had to share this experience with other moms to help them feel less overwhelmed, less afraid, less nervous, or even just help them find a place to celebrate and be understood.

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What do you offer first-time expecting mothers?

Mamistad offers first-time expecting moms the opportunity to connect with others who are also seeking a Mom Tribe.

Once moms are added to an existing Mamistad group, or when their brand new Mamistad group is formed, members are:

1) given access to their group’s private WhatsApp group link for connecting (this is the favorite method of connecting by Mamistad Moms)

2) given access to their group’s private Google Sheet w/member editing permission

3) invited to join the Members Only section of Mamistad.com.

As official Mamistad Members, they receive all member updates and newsletters as well as  access to their group’s own private page where they can connect, share photos and plan events. Only Members have access to the Mamistad member forum, blog and recommendations page. Our website is just starting out and there are so many exciting things to come!

4) Members are also able to join virtual “My Month” groups to connect with other Mamistad moms due in the same month as they are!

How do you go about connecting moms?

After submitting their profile, moms receive a welcome letter with info on your potential Mamistad group, and an invite to a Saturday (noon) New Member Zoom Chat. Zoom Chat where they’ll meet other potential members and learn more about the spirit of this awesome sisterhood. If they decide to move forward with a group, they are connected as soon as possible! There is a one-time fee of $75 for moms in the DMV and it covers their membership in two Mamistad groups (as long as there are two groups available) – if they feel they are able to be active in two groups!


Once you’ve connected an expecting mother to a group, what happens from there?

After moms are connected with their group via an introductory email, I ask that they “reply all” and introduce themselves to the other Mamis in their new group, and find out when they plan to meet next (either virtual or in person). Groups are then encouraged to schedule a regular weekly group Zoom call.  These calls allow every member to check in with the group in a positive and supportive environment, and the group gets a chance to plan activities together.

Groups also use email and WhatsApp are also used to plan meetings and outings based on their own members’ availability, but I’m always available to lend a hand if a group needs any help at all facilitating events. Next, dads and support people are encouraged to join meetups and before you know it, a Mamistad community is born!


How can expecting moms find out more about joining?

The best place to start is always Mamistad.com. By clicking the Join Us Tab and submitting their profile, moms can expect a welcome letter with information about their potential group(s), and an invite to the next New Member Zoom Call. They can also see lots of reviews from other moms who have made the most of the Mamistad Sisterhood!



Thank you to Cynthia for taking the time to answer my questions about Mamistad so that you can familiarize yourself with this awesome prenatal and postnatal resource.


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