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Innate Beginnings | An Informative Interview About Your Prenatal Chiropractic Care

As a Northern Virginia maternity photographer, my clients and I often talk about pregnancy and motherhood as we’re going through our session together. When a momma tells me they’re experiencing pain, I like to suggest they try chiropractic care at Innate Beginnings. Although I don’t have prenatal experience with them, my daughter and I do both get seen there for our chiropractic care, and we love it.

At Innate Beginnings Chiropractic in Chantilly, you’ll be in great hands. The services you’ll be able to receive at Innate Beginnings include prenatal care, labor care, postpartum care, and family care. They have you covered in all areas of life. These are chiropractors that you can truly develop a continuing relationship with, even if you’re just starting your chiropractic journey with pregnancy. This is a practice for the whole family. Check out this interview with Dr. Emily DeRocco to find out more.


Prenatal Chiropractic Care at Innate Beginnings


Q: Is prenatal chiropractic care safe for all pregnant women?

A: At each New Patient visit, we do a thorough health history and exam to decide if chiropractic care is right for that particular patient. Overall, chiropractic care is usually a safe option for most pregnant women during pregnancy.


Q: What kind of prenatal training do the chiropractors at Innate Beginnings have?

A: All chiropractors get a small amount of prenatal chiropractic training while in chiropractic school. At our office specifically, we are members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association where we have taken many post-graduate courses in  care for the prenatal and pediatric population.


Q: What can chiropractic care help with during pregnancy?

A: Patients under chiropractic care during pregnancy may experience any number of wonderful benefits such as; less discomfort, more restful sleep, less heartburn, better baby positioning, shorter, easier labor, and many more not listed!


Q: When is the best time to start seeing a chiropractor at Innate Beginnings?

A: The best time to start seeing a chiropractor is TODAY! Before pregnancy, middle of pregnancy, end of pregnancy- all of them are the right time to start if that day is TODAY! We do have more time to work on specific issues if care is started earlier in pregnancy, but don’t let that keep you from getting in if it’s later in your pregnancy!

Q: What does a typical prenatal appointment look like?

A: At our office, each visit will be a check on your entire spine and nervous system to be sure that it is functioning optimally. We take time to address each momma’s individual needs at the specific stage of her pregnancy. Care during pregnancy typically increases in frequency as the pregnancy progresses because the changes in the body become quite rapid as the birth approaches.


Q: What are the risks of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

A: At our office, we carefully asses each patients risk level prior to adjusting, but overall chiropractic care during pregnancy is inherently safe.

Q: How often will a pregnant woman need to be treated?

A: The frequency will depend on each patient’s particular needs, but as a whole, care increases in frequency as the pregnancy progress due to increased stress on momma’s body.


Q: What can the chiropractors at Innate Beginnings do for me during labor?

A: We are sometimes on-call for our patients during labor (depending on doctor availability) and can come to the place of your birth (birth center or home) and provide adjustments during the labor process. Reasons mommas may want adjustments during labor might include – for comfort, to help with a stalled labor pattern, to help momma and baby have better body alignment for birth, and general birth support.


Q: What are the benefits of continued care after labor for myself and for my baby?

A: Pregnancy and birth are such an amazing process, but they can be hard on the body. Getting adjusted after birth helps with recovery and healing for mom. For baby, adjustments can help with proper breastfeeding, reflux, colic, constipation, and much much more!



Thanks to Dr. Emily for taking the time out of her busy life to answer all of these questions for me and all of you! I hope that you’ve learned a few things and will consider prenatal chiropractic care at Innate Beginnings. For more information and to get in touch, check out their website here.


Innate Beginnings Chiropractic


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