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4 Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants To Jumpstart Successful Breastfeeding

If you’re interested in breastfeeding, you might have already started considering finding Northern Virginia lactation consultants for some guidance. I’ve been there myself, and I totally understand. I had a breast reduction when I was only 17 years old so I was old enough to understand that it might come with some negative aspects. I knew I wanted to have kids so I always worried about my ability to successfully breastfeed in the future. Long story short, I was able to, but it definitely wasn’t easy.

Getting the right help from the right people was a huge factor in my success at reaching a solid year of breastfeeding so I hope that providing some of this information for you will push you in the right direction towards your own success. And even if you aren’t sure if breastfeeding is right for you and your baby, knowing that help is available to you if you want or need it is absolutely invaluable.


What is a Northern Virginia lactation consultant and what do they do?

Put simply, a lactation consultant is someone that will help you be able to successfully breastfeed your baby. They use education and clinical management to help mothers have a positive outcome when breastfeeding. They are educated to be able to help you with all kinds of roadblocks you may come across. Some of these obstacles include pain, mastitis, and clogged ducts. But don’t let that scare you off. This is why starting a relationship with a lactation consultant is so beneficial.

Although some would say that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, it is actually something that has to be learned and practiced just like any other skill. During your pregnancy, you can use the knowledge of your lactation consultant to prepare for some common problems. Educate yourself on nursing positions, cluster-feeding, and additional equipment you might want to have handy, such as a nursing pillow.

Having done the research ahead of time, you’ll be a little bit better prepared to handle all the things that might come your way. Then once the baby is born, the lactation consultant will be able to help in a more hands on way. Your lactation consultant can take a look at your baby’s latch to make sure it’s done correctly. She can help you master a nursing position that you may not quite be able to figure out on your own. There are so many ways that a lactation consultant can be a huge help to you. So read on for a few Northern Virginia lactation consultants that you can reach out to.


4 Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants


Balanced Birth Support

Balanced Birth Support offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to anyone that might be in need of some help. You’ll be able to come up with a plan for in person support and schedule your in person visit right then. “You will receive unbiased, evidence based support from highly qualified Certified Lactation Counselors.” With every visit you’ll receive a detailed worksheet that will outline all of the important details and conversations that were had at the visit so you can reference back to it yourself or even bring it to your medical provider. If you’re interested in working with these Northern Virginia lactation consultants, head on over to their website.


Lactation Room

Next up we have the Lactation Room. This group of Northern Virginia lactation consultants serves a wide range of locations to include Northern Virginia. Scheduling your consultation with the Lactation Room won’t be an issue with their option of offices, home visits, and virtual calls. You’ll be able to find the support you need with their prenatal counseling. Take a breastfeeding class or get support if your baby has a tongue and/or lip tie. The Lactation Room even rents out hospital grade breast pumps. For more on all the details, click here.


NOVA Lactation

If you’re interesting in taking a lactation class from the comforts of your own home, NOVA Lactation board certified lactation consultant Marcy Griffo has you covered. Virtual lactation classes will cover so many of the basics and more to help you learn before the baby is born. Having this information beforehand will build your confidence and hopefully help navigate the obstacles easily as they happen. But if you do need more assistance after the baby is born, you’ll want to check out this Northern Virginia lactation consultant’s services. From low milk supply and latching to pumping and returning to work, the list of services covers a lot of ground. Click here for more info.


Mothering the Mom

At Mothering the Mom, you’ll meet Northern Virginia lactation consultant Amber Allgaier. With private, in-home consultations, you’ll be more relaxed and able to focus on the things you need help with. “We offer patience, empathy, and expert guidance to help you meet your baby’s needs.” A typical breastfeeding consultation lasts between one hour and an hour and a half. Your baby will get weighed and observed during nursing. You’ll get the help you need to get to your goals. Be sure to ask any and all questions to get the most out of your consultation. Get all the details here.


I hope this has helped, and I wish you the absolute best in finding success in your breastfeeding journey! They aren’t joking when they say it takes a village, and this is one of those things you may need that village for. Seek help from these amazing Northern Virginia lactation consultants and lean on your family and friends for support. I know that definitely helped me breastfeed for as long as I did.


Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants


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